Chad Hostetler owner & designer

Chad is an experience guy. Experienced, yes. Degrees, clients, projects – he has been around the block and back. But he has devoted his life to experiences. When you get the pleasure of a Chad experience, he will have worked through every thoughtful detail of what you see, what you hear, the texture and the timbre. He puts so much thought and effort into every detail of your experience that when you arrive, you’ll have no idea how much planning and effort was involved. It just comes together like magic. The only thing you’ll realize is that you love it. He founded White Oaks Design in 2003 to produce exceptional products and could not be more proud of the incredible team on this page and the magic they deliver.

Jason Leverett owner & rocket scientist

Have you ever noticed how sometimes technology seems like a great idea but the actual implementation is more of a hinderance than a help? Ugh! Jason is on a personal mission to rid the world of cumbersome technology. You see, Jason is a lethal combination of inspired designer, innovator and top notch technologist. He is always looking for better ways of doing things and building them into our experiences. With Jason on the team, improvements just start showing up and elicit sighs of relief (and often giggles of delight) from our users. You might think that all that brain power would make him introverted. Wrong. He is funny and outgoing with one of those kind, easy going personalities that makes everyone want to have him as a friend.

Diane Castiglioni chief inspiration officer

It would be one thing if she was only the world's most experienced practitioner of collaborative design. That would be enough. But that barely begins to define Diane. She knows more resources in this business than anyone. As a result, we get access to the best talent in a worldwide network. She also gets more work done, at a higher level of quality in a shorter period than anyone that we have ever met. Period. Case closed. She is a superhero, we are convinced of it. Here is where the inspiration part comes in. All of this skill is wrapped in the world's sweetest disposition and life as an accomplished poet, artist, philosopher and lifelong companion of Lilly, the world’s greatest dog. Every superhero needs a sidekick...

Andrew Krueger master of all trades

Some people consider the term generalist to have a negative connotation. Not us. We love people that can wear a ton of hats and do each with true skill! And you won't find a better example of that in this field than Andrew. We have thrown every curve ball that we have at this guy and he just keeps smiling, telling bad jokes and returning success after success to us. Technology, design, management, process facilitation, support of all kinds, you name it and he is willing to step up and hit it out of the park. Having Andrew on the team is like an insurance policy – everyone breathes a little easier knowing that he is there and that he will keep folks laughing. And that is not just true for an event, it's true for our company as well.

Paul Austin p-rex (little arms, big heart)

Our work requires lots and lots of stuff - miles of cables, mountains of canvases, lots of electronics and tools. Paul keeps everything in its place and us working like a well-oiled machine. A master craftsman, he runs our Design Lab & Warehouse in Orlando. He juggles more details than anyone realistically can and does it with the most gentle and patient personality you have ever met. Off the clock, you can find Paul on his bike raising money for charities around the world. He's crossed this continent twice already!

Chris Foster macgyver meets ansel adams

“Hey Chris, do you have a…?” The answer is almost always Yes! An answer, a tool, a creative solution, a moment to help... no matter the question, Chris is a "Yes!" man and the perfect asset to have on an event. On more occasions than we can count he has churned out a silk purse with little more than a razor blade and gaffer’s tape. He is also the most accomplished photographer we know. Yes, photos are worth a thousand words, but most of Chris's images leave people speechless.

Jolette van Vuuren graphics goddess

Beauty is a big part of our work, but never at the sacrifice of function. Nobody is better at achieving that balance than Jolette. Her aesthetic senses are second to none. But give her a dry chunk of business content and you will be amazed at how she transforms it into an elegant, intuitive, attractive infographic that tells the story on a whole different level. And speaking of level, she has the perfect personality to calmly deal with the deadlines, changes and urgency that so often accompany graphic design projects.

Liisa Sorsa graphic illustrator extraordinare

Yes, it’s Rainn Wilson. Yes, he’s a fan. Yes, it's a photo of two superstars. If you can't tell, Liisa is a world-wide phenomenon. No kidding. People flock to her because of her incredible skills as a graphic facilitator. But they become lifelong fans when they experience her warm, funny, genuine, humble personality. She is the favorite daughter of her birthplace Timmins, Ontario. It’s not hard to see why. That also means that she is fluent in Canadian which is a huge perk in this business.

Jim McIntyre play that funky music white boy

Jim is one of those people who has a great sense of timing and the ability to connect the dots. This is most evident when he is in his favorite role of audio producer (he's got a degree in it!), finding the perfect songs to move the mood and experience in just the right direction. He also manages the front of the room with aplomb, calmly navigating every urgent request with a smile on his face. Jim’s all-around technical skills bring tremendous value to our team but his ability to keep his finger on the pulse of the group and be a calming presence for all is unmatched. And he is on a never-ending quest for the perfect sushi roll.

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